The Research Society of the Ship Performance in Actual Seas

The 76th meeting

Date: 30th, Jul., 2018

Place: National Maritime Research Institute, MPAT


Uncertainty Analysis to Measurement of Added Resistance in Short Regular Waves -Its Application and Evaluation-N. Sogihara, M. Tsujimoto, R. Fukasawa, T. Hamada, S. Yokota (NMRI, MPAT)
Fundamental Studies on the Strength of a Trimaran's Cross-deck Structures in WavesH. Kihara (National Defense Academy of Japan), J. Dobashi (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency, MOD), S. Hibi, M. Uemura (National Defense Academy of Japan)
A New Strip-Theory Method Including Effects of Longitudinal Direction Component of Normal Vector on Body SurfaceY. Kitagawa (NMRI, MPAT), M. Kashiwagi (Osaka Univ.)
Estimation of Ship Performance in Actual Seas by Shaft Power Function based on Statistical Analysis and Proposal of its VerificationM. Minoura, T. Hanaki (Osaka Univ.)
Estimation of Added Shaft Power in Waves using On-board Monitoring DataT. Nanjo, T. Hanaki, M. Minoura (Osaka Univ.)
Effect of Hama's Stimulator of a Model Ship for the Ice Model Basin on Performance PredictionR. Fukasawa, T. Matsuzawa, D. Wako (NMRI, MPAT)
Prediction of water wave by temporal-spatial transfer function of water waveM. Minoura, N. Hayatsu (Osaka Univ.)
Application of refractive index matching technology to tank test -Development of detailed flow field measurement method inside energy saving duct-T. Hamada, H. Ohba, M. Tsujimoto (NMRI, MPAT)
Weather Routing Simulation as a Tool for Evaluating Ship's Performance in OperationH. Orihara, H. Yoshida (JMU Corp.)

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