The Research Society of the Ship Performance in Actual Seas

The 77th meeting

Date: 18-19th, Mar., 2019

Place: Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Arkas Sasebo


Envelope and Wave pattern (1)S. Naito (Osaka Univ.)
Full Scale Performance of GATE RUDDERN. Sasaki (University of Strathclyde), M. Fukasawa, M. Yazawa (Kamome Propeller Co., Ltd.)
Survey and data analysis on deliberate speed in rough sea conditions K. Sasa (Kobe Univ.)
Hindcast analysis of wind and waves in rough seas using GPV database & Numerical modelsC. Chen, K. Sasa, T. Yonemura, T. Ohsawa (Kobe Univ.)
Evaluation of Added Resistance in Wave at Low Speed and EEDIK. Okamoto (Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.)
Validation for the evaluation method of roll motion for pure car carrier with onboard monitoring dataM. Kuroda, M. Tsujimoto, A. Sakurada, N. Sogihara (NMRI, MPAT), A. Higosaki (MTI)
Estimation Error in Ship Performance Analysis due to Incompleteness of Statistical Model M. Minoura (Osaka Univ.)
Development of wave direction mesurement program by multiple wave height metersS. Yokota, A. Sakurada (NMRI, MPAT)
Introduction of Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.H. Qing (Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.)
Probabilistic Study on Nonlinear Phenomena in Ship Stability Research FieldA. Maki (Osaka Univ.)
Experimental Study on Added Resistance of Very Large Blunt Ship Running in Beam SeasH. Yoshida, H. Orihara, K. Takagishi (JMU Corp.)

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