The Research Society of the Ship Performance in Actual Seas

The 78th meeting

Date: 30th, Aug., 2019

Place: National Maritime Research Institute, MPAT


<Featured Lectures "GHG reduction from ships">
Measures on GFG Reduction from Ship HydrodynamicsM. Tsujimoto (NMRI, MPAT)
Measures to reduce GHG emission from shipsE. Muraoka (NMRI. MPAT)
The trends of IMO/MEPC and ITTC/SOS toward GHG emissions reductionK. Kume (NMRI, MPAT)
Evaluation of Actual Ship performance by relation between speed-power loss and pitchingY. Tanaka (MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd.)
Competitive environment changes brought by EU MRV and IMO DCSM. Takahashi (NYK Line)
Validation for the evaluation method of roll motion for pure car carrier with onboard monitoring dataM. Minoura, Y. Ohki (Osaka Univ.)
Study on Statistical Estimation of Ship Motion ParametersM. Minoura, R. Ishikawa (Osaka Univ.)
Validation of full-scale predictions in actual seas by means of on-board monitoringH. Orihara (JMU Corp.), M. Tsujimoto (NMRI, MPAT)
Investigation of voyage data of Container ship "Shigenobu" with a gate rudder systemM. Yazawa (Kamome Propeller Co. Ltd.), N. Sasaki (University of Strathclyde), H. Yanaizumi (Kamome Propeller Co. Ltd.)

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