The Research Society of the Ship Performance in Actual Seas

The 79th meeting

Date: 3rd, Mar., 2020

Place: -


For the evaluation of ship performance in actual seas -OCTARVIA Project-M. Tsujimoto (NMRI, MPAT), K. Matsumoto (JMU Corp.)
Empirical estimation for inertia moment of of engine-shaft systemM. Tsujimoto, B. Oleksiy, T. Fukuda, Y. Kitagawa (NMRI, MPAT)
Added Resistance in Very Short Head Waves Considered in Large Ships and Test AccuracyS. Yokota, M. Kuroda, R. Fukasawa, H. Ohba, M. Tsujimoto (NMRI, MPAT)
Experimental Validation of Water Wave Prediction by Temporal-Spatial Impulse Response Function T. Shimizu, M. Minoura (Osaka Univ.)
One procedure to obtain regular wave condition which reproduces ship hydrodynamic performance in targeted irregular seas Y. Kitagawa (NMRI, MPAT), N. Hasuike (Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.)
Non-linearity of Added Resistance for Wave Height in Short-term Waves Y. Idomoto (Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.), M. Minoura, A. Terada (Osaka Univ.)

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