The Research Society of the Ship Performance in Actual Seas


■ Purpose

The Research Society of the Ship Performance in Actual Seas (SPAS) has established to discuss the research and development on the estimation of ship performance in actual seas, measurement of model tests and actual ship measurements, and related technical issues on the evaluation. We promotes frank discussion and information exchange.

Through the activities, it is intended to advance the technological capabilities and to contribute to educe the technicians in Japan.

"Ship performance in actual seas" basically means the propulsive performance of ships in actual sea conditions where winds and waves exist, but it includes the seakeeping performance and the manoeuvring performance.

■ History

By Dr. Ryo Tasaki, Dr. Atsushi Shintani, Dr. Hiromitsu Kitagawa and Prof. Yoshifumi Takaishi the society is established as a place to examine the propulsive pewrformance in waves for the discussion at International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC).

The first meeting is held at Ship Research Institute on 13th, May, 1974.

Various studies, information exchange and discussions have been actively conducted.

We performed "Commemorative seminar of Prof. Shoichi Nakamura" in September 1986. The history of research on propulsive performance in waves, the current and the future outlook was discussed.

In August 2002, the 50th anniversary meeting was held on the theme of "concept of ship performance in actual seas" and "new estimation method of performance in actual seas".

In September 2015, the symposium on Innovative Technologies on Propulsive Performance of Ships in Actual Seas was held.

■ Management

President: Dr. Koichiro Matsumoto, Japan Marine United Coporation

(successive presidents)
12rd-23th meeting; Dr. Ryo Tasaki,
24th-36th meeting; Dr. Atsushi Shintani,
37th-40th meeting; Dr. Hiromitsu Kitagawa,
41st-64th meeting; Prof.emeritus Shigeru Naito and
65th-current; Dr. Koichiro Matsumoto

Secretariat: Dr. Masaru Tsujimoto, National Maritime Research Institute, MPAT and Prof. Munehiko Minoura, Osaka University

Number of members: 50, consist of universities, research institutes, shipbuilding companies, marine equipment mekers and weather information companies

Number of meetings: twice a year, coordinated by NMRI, MPAT and Osaka University alternatively

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