The Research Society of the Ship Performance in Actual Seas

Meeting records

No.DateHost and placeNum. of attendeesNum. of reports
11974. 5.13Ship Research Institute4
21974. 7.22Ship Research Institute4
31974.12.19Ship Research Institute4
41975. 4. 7Ship Research Institute4
51975. 7. 3IHI, Yokohama4
61975. 9.30Ship Research Institute4
71976. 3.26IHI, Yokohama4
81976. 6.10Technical Research and Development Institute6
91976. 8.18Ship Research Institute5
101976.10.28IHI, Yokohama4
111977. 1.26Ship Research Institute7
121979.11.30Technical Research and Development Institute815
131980. 7. 4Ship Research Institute1112
141980.12.10IHI, Yokohama107
151981. 7. 3Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Hiratsuka14(1)11
161981.12.10Akishima Laboratories (Mitsui Zosen)14(2)8
171982. 7. 6Osaka University12(3)10
181982.12.16IHI, Yokohama1212
191983. 7.18/19NRIFE, Hasaki14(1)14
201983.12. 3/ 4IHI, Hakone14(1)1
211984. 6.15Ship Research Institute17
221984. 9.21/22NKK, Kashikojima15
231985.11. 1/ 2Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Sengoku Kougen11(2)4
241986. 9. 5/ 6Osaka University, Suita (Commemorative seminar of Prof. Shoichi Nakamura)
251986.12.12IHI, Yokohama11(1)6
261987. 7.10NRIFE, Tsukishima13(2)14
271987.12.11Technical Research and Development Institute1210
281988. 7. 1Akishima Laboratories (Mitsui Zosen)14(2)7
291988.12. 9Osaka Prefecture University13(4)6
301989. 7.15Ship Research Institute108
311989.12. 8IHI, Tokyo12(2)7
321990. 7. 9Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Hiratsuka11(2)8
331990.12.14Osaka University, Takatsuki12(4)10
341991. 7.12Technical Research and Development Institute, Ebisu9(1)14
351991.12.13Osaka Prefecture University10(1)10
361992. 7.28Ship Research Institute135
371992.12. 2NRIFE, Hasaki96
381993. 7.12Osaka University, Senri-chuo8
391993.12. 6IHI, Tokyo76
401995. 7.14Ship Research Institute11(3)12
411997. 4.25Osaka University, Senri-chuo10(5)11
421997.12. 3Ship Research Institute17(4)12
431998. 7. 3Osaka University, Senri-chuo23(9)17
441998.12.21Ship Research Institute24 (10)11
451999. 7.30Osaka University31 (19)17
461999.12.17Ship Research Institute25 (15)13
472000. 7.31Osaka University19 (11)15
482001. 1.19Ship Research Institute22 (10)12
492001. 8.31/9.1Osaka University, Awaji Island22 (10)14
502002. 8.30National Maritime Reseach Institute (50th anniversary lecture)65 (49)11
512003. 9. 5Osaka University, Senri-chuo20 (12)21
522004. 6.25National Maritime Reseach Institute24 (15)12
532005. 1.28Osaka University, Nakanoshima17(7)14
542005. 8.12Weathernews, Makuhari16(7)13
552006. 2. 3Osaka University, Senri-chuo21(10)14
562006. 8.11National Maritime Reseach Institute23(13)14
572007. 2. 5Osaka University, Senri-chuo18(10)13
582007. 8.10National Maritime Reseach Institute19(8)10
592008. 3.14Osaka University (Prof. Shigeru Naito's Final Lecture)7
602008.11. 4National Maritime Reseach Institute26(12)17
612009.10. 2Kobe University, Fukae46(32)18
622010. 5.13Universal Shipbuilding Corporation, Kawasaki25(10)10
632011. 2.25Osaka University20(10)13
642011.10. 4National Maritime Reseach Institute21(8)13
652012. 3.21Universal Shipbuilding Corporation, Tsu15(4)10
662013. 1.15National Maritime Reseach Institute33(15)12
672013. 9. 3Osaka University, Osaka25(14)10
682014. 3. 7Akishima Laboratories (Mitsui Zosen)20(8)11
692014. 8. 4Imabari Shipbuilding, Marugame20(8)13
702015. 3.18Technical Research and Development Institute, Ikejiri19(9)10
712015. 9.17/18Osaka University, Kada(Symposium22(13)14
722016. 4.28Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Etchujima23(10)13
732016.12. 1Sanoyas Shipbuilding Corporation, Okayama13(5)11
742017. 6.29National Maritime Research Institute, MPAT22(12)12
752017.12.12Osaka University, Nakanoshima16(6)11
762018. 7.30National Maritime Research Institute, MPAT22(8)12
772019. 3.18/19Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Sasebo18(8)14
782019. 8.30National Maritime Research Institute, MPAT34(14)12
792020. 3. 3(Osaka Univ.)-6
802020. 9.17National Maritime Research Institute, MPAT28(15)6
812021. 7. 5Osaka Univ.39(18)10
822022. 1.27National Maritime Research Institute, MPAT38(13)12

( ) in the column of Num. of attendees shows the number of observers, which is includeed in the total.

No distribution form was taken at 1st-11th meeting.

Special events for the symposium; "Ship Motions, Wave Loads and Propulsive Performance in a Seaway", First Marine Dynamics Symposium (Dec., 1984), and the commemorative seminar were carried out at 20th-24th meeting.

Special lecture was held at 44th-49th, 52nd, 59th, 60th, 67th, 75th and 82nd meeting.

Featured lectures were organized at 49th, 53rd, 61st-63rd, 66th, 67th, 74th and 78th meeting.

Anniversary lectures were held at 50th meeting.

Keynote lecture was held at 65th meeting.

Symposium was held at 71st meeting.

79th meeting was canceled but the documents are circulated. 80th, 81st and 82nd meeting were held via webinar.

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