October 27,2017

Dr. Chikahisa Murakami, Group Leader of Ship Structural Standards Development Group, Structural Strength Evaluation Department, received the International Standardization Contributor’s Award from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

On October 23, 2017, Dr. Murakami, the Leader of Ship Structural Standards Development Group, received the international standardization contributor's award from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. (This award was given by the Director General of Industrial Technology and Environment.)  We evaluated the results of a brief summary of the international standards in Japan and overseas opinions.

Since 2008, Dr. Murakami has been committed to the Commission on Domestic Response of ISO/TC8/SC3 (Piping and Machine Subcommittee) and ISO/TC8/SC4 (Ship and Marine Technology Subcommittee/Deck Machine and Equipment Subcommittee), and has been making efforts towards the international standardization of many features of ships.

Major contribution

  • "JIS standards for valves and pipes are reflected in international standards and contribute to strengthening international competitiveness, etc."
    In 2011, Dr. Murakami became a convenor of ISO/TC8/SC3/ WG13. As a project leader, Dr. Murakami established ISO17602 (Ship and Marine Technology-Metallic Valves for Flange Pipes-Interface Dimensions) and revised ISO8277:2013 (Ship and Marine Technology-Pipes and Machinery-Information Transmission) to introduce JISF standards into the international standards.

  • "Reflecting Japanese opinions on proposals from other countries and contributing to optimization"
    In ISO/TC8/SC3 and SC4, Dr. Murakami tried to optimize various proposals, such as reflecting Japanese opinions in proposals from other countries. We mainly conducted technical verification, listened to domestic opinions, pointed out safety in international conferences and reflected Japan opinions to ensure international competitiveness in Japan, such as eliminating the burden on domestic operators.

  • "Efforts as a Chairman of the Domestic Commission on Small Craft Technical Committee"
    Since 2016, Dr. Murakami has been committed as the chairman of the ISO/ TC188 (Small Craft Experts Commission) national support committee, and as the chairman of the Commission. Dr. Murakami has been striving to appropriately reflect the opinions of Japan's industries in the international standards. Dr. Murakami has been committed to the present job and has summarized the national opinions of about 40 international votes, reflected them appropriately in the international standard as the Japanese opinions, collected the drafts of the JISF that complies with the international standard in a short period of time and proceeded with the JIS procedure.

Award hall (left) and trophy (right)
Award hall (left) and trophy (right)