Cooperation and Contribution


NMRI opens cooperative relationships for domestic and overseas institutions and regions and conducts contribution activities enhancing the advantages of technologies and activities promoting various types of research.

  • Contributions to international organizations

    Contributions to International Organization

    NMRI participates in conferences held by international organizations on maritime issues and contributes to developing international standards and regulations for ships and oceans.

  • International Cooperation

    International Cooperation

    NMRI has concluded research cooperative agreements with overseas research institutions and conducted international collaborative research to promote the study exchange. In addition, NMRI effectively uses the research resources and mutually uses its results. NMRI is also strategically working on international symposiums and seminars.

  • Cooperation with Domestic Institutions

    Cooperation with Domestic Institutions

    NMRI collaborates with domestic institutions, such as universities and other public research institutions.

  • Local Exchange

    Local Exchange

    NMRI contributes to the local community by utilising its various research capabilities and technologies.