Aug 30, 2018
National Maritime Research Institute,
National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology

"MOLTRUTH", the containership whose structural strength was analyzed using DLSA-Basic, earned "Ship of the Year 2017"

The "MOL TRUTH" that earned "Ship of the Year 2017" is the world's largest 20,000 TEU-class containership with a total length of 400m.

In order to ensure the safety of structural strength due to the increase of ship size, analysis was carried out using DLSA (Direct Load and Structural Analysis system) -Basic which NMRI developed incorporating the state-of-the-art load and structural analysis method.

DLSA-Basic: DLSA-Basic system is the practical designing tool that can seamlessly perform sequential analysis and evaluation steps such as load analysis, total ship structural analysis and evaluation of ship structural strength on the same platform. Realistic structural responses can be reproduced in a significantly short period of time, and rational structural design can be performed. The load can be selected from the linear strip method (NMRIW-Lite) and the nonlinear strip method (NMRIW-II), and various evaluating processes from simple analysis to advanced analysis can be carried out according to the objectives.