Cooperation with Domestic Institutions


 Smooth and reliable collaboration with industry, academia and other public research institutions, is indispensable to the implementation of research into the resolution of policy issues related to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. NMRI actively promotes exchanges with these bodies through Contract and Joint Research.
 In addition, NMRI operates an open laboratory with a platform function. This enables both NMRI and its customers to take advantage of the experimental facilities at the NMRI, and to build effective cooperation by combining NMRI's knowledge and techniques with the seed ideas and knowledge generated by universities and corporations.
 NMRI provides opportunities for study based on a collaborative graduate school system within which we enable students to obtain various degrees of approved university credit. When universities and other institutions request permissions for students to participate in research experiences and internships, NMRI honors those requests, in order to stimulate research activities and promote the dissemination of our research results.

Open Labo

Cooperative Domestic Institutions and Universities




The University of Tokyo

Osaka Prefecture University

Kyushu University

Kokugakuin University

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Ryutsu Keizai University

Yokohama National University

Tokyo Denki University

Osaka University

Housei University

Kobe University