Underwater Robotics Research Group


This group mainly conducts R & D on underwater robots, particularly focusing on AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) and ASVs (Autonomous Surface Vehicles). The R & D also covers the activities related to AUV-based sea bottom exploration, especially for marine resource surveys.


(◎: Head of the Group)

Main Research Topics

  • Research on the development of fundamental technologies and operational technologies for sea bottom exploration systems related to the development of marine resources
  • Research and development of the technologies for operating multiple AUVs

AUV image

Fig.1 AUVs of various shapes
for various undersea missions


Fig.2 Computation of AUV fluid force
by CFD for dynamic modeling


Fig.3 Image of the hovering AUV "Hobalin"
and marine substance measurement

multiple AUVs in operation

Fig.4 Developing innovative technologies
for exploration of deep sea resources


Fig.5 Data obtained by C-AUV#02: High-resolution bottom bathymetry(left), Acoustic image of a hydrothermal plume (right)

AUV image

Fig.6 Stratigraphic bottom cross section (by C-AUV#01)


Fig.7 Photo image of a hydrothermal vent (by Hobalin)