October 10, 2023
National Maritime Research Institute,
National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology

Dr. Shiraishi, Senior Researcher, received the 50th Anniversary “Challenge Award” from Turbomachinery Society of Japan.

On September 22, 2023, the 50th anniversary celebration of the Turbomachinery Society of Japan was held at International Conference Center of Waseda University. Dr. Shiraishi received the 50th Anniversary 'Challenge Award' from Turbomachinery Society of Japan.

The recipients of the award:
Shiraishi Koichiro; Fluids Engineering & Hull Design Department, National Maritime Research Institute, MPAT

About “Challenge award”:
On the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Turbo Society of Japan, this award is presented to young researchers who have taken up the challenge of advanced research and technological development in turbomachinery and for whom the future holds great promise.

About Reasons for the award:
The recipient was praised for his advanced research and development work in cavity shape measurement using the multi-view line sensing method and propeller cavitation visualization applying of image processing and Wavelet transformation※1 He has also contributed to the development of turbomachinery by giving presentations on cavitation and marine propellers at conferences and subcommittees of the Turbomachinery Society of Japan and has been praised for his contribution to the development of turbomachinery.

Dr. Shiraishi at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Turbomachinery Society of Japan

Measurement results of cavity shape using Multi-viewing Line Sensing Method.

Comparison of the extracted pressure fluctuation components with the measurement results of the pressure fluctuation. The components are extracted by applying image processing and Wavelet Wavelet transforms to the cavitation image.

(Explanation of Terms)
※1 Wavelet transformation is one of the mathematical methods for analyzing signal and image data, which can extract time and frequency information simultaneously.