Knowledge System Research Group
& Simulator Research Group



 The Knowledge System Research Group and Simulator Research Group conduct research on operational analysis and support technologies using information and communication technology.
 Specifically, we have been developing a visual recognition support device for the purpose of reducing the burden on the operator's situational awareness. In this device, the view of other ships in the landscape visually observed by the operator and their information are displayed in a superimposed manner. In addition, we have also been developing a cooperative navigation support system for the purpose of facilitating communication with encounter ships at the avoidance ship operation.
 We also dispatch experts to respond actively to the examination of international treaties and international standards regarding navigation equipment and systems.
 Furthermore, this research group is developing basic technology to evaluate the safety of new navigation systems and to reproduce marine accidents, etc., using the Bridge Simulator for Navigation Risk.

Overview of our research

1. Research for the development of basic technology required to support and simplify seafarer work in response to the reduction of seafarers with skilled skills

 Japan has problems with the declining birth rate and aging population. Under the circumstances, many skilled seafarers are expected to retire, especially in the domestic shipping field, while next-generation navigation equipment (e-Navigation, etc.) utilizing information technology is being considered in the international field. ?We are conducting folloing research to develop and reale support methods for marine vessel maneuvering work in order to deal with the change of the circumstances:

Display screen of visual recognition support device: Radar echoes are superimposed on other ships' symbols

Type navigation support system: Examples of agreed evacuation maneuvers

2. Development of Bridge Simulator for Navigation Risk

 The main facility of our research group is the Bridge Simulator for Navigation Risk. This system consists of following devices:

  • A device to reproduce pitching and rolling of the bridge of the Simulator. This device enables to reproduce the ship maneuvering performance more realistically.
  • A downward view screen and a ship maneuvering screen that can simulate take-off and landing work that requires high degree of ship-handling technique.
  • A behavior analysis system and physiological data collection system that can measure/analyze the behavior/tension of a ship operator.

 With this unique simulator in the world, we analyze marine accidents and their risks, develop inboard work support equipment, navigation equipment, and evaluate new vessels in the actual sea area.