Environmental Analysis Research Group


The Environmental Analysis Research Group not only engages in research by making full use of various analyzers, but also establishes analysis and evaluation techniques in order to solve issues related to chemical, material, and environmental fields caused by ships. For example, we operate our test marine diesel engine under various conditions, analyze the emitted substances from various angles, and also perform measurements to evaluate the effects of technologies that reduce environmental impact substances. We aim to contribute to the reduction of emissions of environmental impact substances. We are also aiming to realize an environment-friendly ship by clarifying the behavior of antifouling substances for ship bottom antifouling paints in seawater. The results of these studies are used as technical data to make recommendations to the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
In addition, we are conducting research on material properties using advanced analytical techniques such as electron microscopy and X-ray analysis equipment.



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Research Subjects


1.  Research on emissions from marine diesel engines

  1. Survey and research on evaluation methods and measurement techniques for emission regulations
  2. Survey and research on issues associated with tightening regulations on exhaust gas from ships
  3. Black carbon emission status from ships and countermeasure technology
  4. Research on soot removal from marine engine exhaust gas using an electric dust collector

2.  Research on ship bottom paint

  1. Construction of performance evaluation method for antifouling paint
  2. Research on management of organisms attached to ships
  3. Research and development of ship bottom friction resistance caused by marine paint

3.  Research on exhaust heat recovery system

  1. Study of small heat exchangers and exhaust heat recovery systems related to research and development of marine combined cycle systems

4.  Researches supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI)

  1. Research and development of polymer elution interface to reduce turbulent frictional resistance
  2. Construction of Biotic Ligand Model applicable to Japanese waters
  3. Basic research on solid adsorbents for onboard exhaust gas purification systems