Marine Environment & Engine System Department


 This department conducts research into environmental preservation related to ships and marine structures in the following areas: Upgrading simulation technologies that form the basis for realizing a rational environmental regulation system for the oceans and the atmosphere;
 Development and evaluation of various technologies to reduce emissions of CO2, NOx, SOx, PM and other pollutants from ships.
 In addition, this department is introducing new marine gas engine testing equipment to start leading research on future fuel conversions.

Akiko MASUDA [Director・Deputy Director, Center for International Cooperation (Concurrent Post)]
Koichi Hirata [Senior Director for Research・Deputy Project Leader, Autonomous Ship Project Team(PT) (Concurrent Post)・Principal Researcher (Concurrent Post)]

Chiori TAKAHASHI  [Project Leader, GHG Reduction Project Team(PT) ・Principal Researcher(Concurrent Post)]

Michihiro KAMEYAMA [Principal Researcher]
Hirohiko OYABU [Center for International Cooperation・Principal Researcher(Concurrent Post)]
Other Members