Fluids Engineering & Ship Performance Evaluation Department


 In this department, three groups conduct research aimed at the assessment and improvement of the performance (propulsion, maneuverability, seakeeping, stability, etc.) of vessels at sea. The research contributes the improvement of shipping safety by providing technical support for investigations to determine the cause of marine accidents and for the establishment of international standards.
 In addition, this department is also developing world-leading and highly reliable CFD software for ship hydrodynamics. It enables users to estimate the ship's performance in the actual sea and analyze turbulent flow around energy-saving devices. This department is releasing theis software with user the support primarily to domestic shipyards.

About CFD Software

 Since April 2005, we have started a service to provide the developed software with user support. In addition, since 2018, we have also established academic licenses suitable for research and educational purposes of universities.

User support

 We have prepared a comprehensive support program for you to use our software easily. We offer software installation support and training seminars. In addition, we have a complete support system for software use. Furthermore, we have version-up seminars to introduce new features of the software and inform the development status of the software. In addition, during the contract period, the upgraded software is provided for free.