CFD Research Group


 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an advanced technology that computes the flow of water and air with a PC and workstation. This group supports the shipbuilding industry and maritime administration by developing the technology to apply this CFD technology to ship fluid dynamics.


(◎: Head of the Group,○: Deputy Head)

Research & Development Themes

<Software Development>

  • Practical application and sophistication of CFD software
    • Capability of overset grids method
    • Computation of wave performance and maneuverability (including free-running)
    • Actual ship scale calculation
    • Ship shape deformation and optimization
    • User interface development
    • One-click CFD

<Related to Numerical Calculation Method>

  • Development of overset grids method
  • Development of dynamic overset grids method
  • Direct estimation of actual ship performance
  • Improvement of accuracy with the use of the actual propeller shape
  • Two-phase flow calculation and development of cavitation model
  • Development of large-scale computation using lattice Boltzmann method
  • Development of regular and irregular wave models
  • Development of free-running simulation method
  • Parallel computation with shared memory (OpenMP) and distributed memory (MPI) types


  • Performance evaluation of energy-saving devices
    • Development of performance evaluation method using overset grids method
    • Hydrodynamic characteristic analysis and scale effect assessment of energy-saving devices
  • Ship motion and flow field analysis in waves
  • Wash waves
  • Computation with water jet system
  • Cross-flooding analysis for ship stability
  • CFD analysis of swimming


  • HullDes: Grid generation program, hull form development software (co-developed with ACT)
  • AutoDes: HullDes + hull form deformation and optimization (co-developed with ACT)
  • UP_GRID: Structured grid generation and overset assembling system
  • NEPTUNE: CFD software for structured grid
  • SURF: CFD software for unstructured grid
  • NAGISA: CFD software for structured overset grids (co-developed with Yokohama National University)
  • ARGO: Automatic report generation software



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