CFD Research Group


 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is an advanced technology that computes the flow of water and air with PC and workstation. The CFD Research Group supports the shipbuilding industry and maritime administration by developing the technology to apply this CFD technology to ship fluid dynamics.
 We are conducting research and development of CFD software based on the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes equations (RANS) for easy and reliable flow field analysis around a hull. Since April 2005, we have started a service to provide the developed software together with user support. In addition, since 2018, we have also established academic licenses suitable for research and educational purposes of universities.

Research & Development Themes

<Software Development>

  • Practical application and sophistication of CFD software
    • Capability of overset grids method
    • Computation of wave performance and maneuverability (including free-running)
    • Actual ship scale calculation
    • Ship shape deformation and optimization
    • User interface development
    • One-click CFD

<Related to Numerical Calculation Method>

  • Development of overset grids method
  • Development of dynamic overset grids method
  • Direct estimation of actual ship performance
  • Improvement of accuracy with the use of the actual propeller shape
  • Two-phase flow calculation and development of cavitation model
  • Development of large-scale computation using lattice Boltzmann method
  • Development of regular and irregular wave models
  • Development of free-running simulation method
  • Parallel computation with shared memory(openMP) and distributed memory(MPI) types


  • Performance evaluation of energy saving devices
    • Development of performance evaluation method using overset grids method
    • Hydrodynamic characteristic analysis and scale effect assessment of energy-saving devices
  • Ship motion and flow field analysis in waves
  • Wash waves
  • Computation with water jet system
  • Cross flooding analysis for ship stability
  • CFD analysis of swimming


  • HullDes: Grid generation program, hull form development software (co-developed with ACT)
  • AutoDes: HullDes + hull form deformation and optimization (co-developed with ACT)
  • UP_GRID: Structured grid generation and overset assembling system
  • NEPTUNE: CFD software for structured grid
  • SURF: CFD software for unstructured grid
  • NAGISA: CFD software for structured overset grids (co-developed with Yokohama National University)
  • ARGO: Automatic report generation software



In the Gallery, you see pictures and animations by CFD.

User support

 We have prepared a comprehensive support program so that you can use our softwares more easily. We offer the software installation support and training seminar. In addition, we have the complete support system for software using. Furthermore, we have version-up seminars to introduce new features of the software and inform the development status of the softwares. In addition, during the contract period, the upgraded software is provided free of charge.