Structural & Industrial System Engineering Department


 This department contributes to the advancement of safety assessment methods for hull structures. Its research focuses on estimating wave loads on hulls and simulating structural response and collapse. This department also conducts research on material properties such as corrosion and fatigue strength. Various experiments, including tank, structural collapse, and material tests, are conducted as part of this research.
 In addition, this department is also focusing on manufacturing engineering for productivity and quality improvement in maritime industries.

Toshiaki IWATA [Director]

Masayoshi OKA [Deputy Director]

Takao KUROIWA [Principal Researcher]

Toshio NIWA  [Designated principal Researcher・Principal Researcher (Concurrent post)]

Yasuhira YAMADA [Principal Researcher]

Masaru HIRAKATA [Principal Researcher]

Chikahisa MURAKAMI [Principal Researcher]

Other Members